Garden Buildings

What do we offer?

Composite Wood

Each of our garden buildings is constructed with composite wood, a very sturdy and reliable material which has a 55% timber content. This material’s plastic content significantly improves its lifespan, with the wood content allowing the surface to have the wonderful tactile feeling you get when touching wood.

This material has been rigorously tested, researched and perfected to ensure it is the perfect exterior for our garden rooms. It is even made up of a unique blend of recycled materials, with 60% traceable recycled wood from timber mills and 40% recycled plastic polymers, that provide excellent insulation, weather resistance and security for the structure.

Completely Customisable

Your garden building can be completely customised to your requirements, including the colour shades of composite wood. With our help, you can create the garden room of your dreams by choosing an exterior design that suits your property and personal preferences. You have the option to easily ‘mix and match’ between four natural shades of colour that look and feel like wood.

Just by speaking to our team, there are so many aspects of the design that you have complete control over, including our range of options and upgrades. This includes additional floor coverings, air conditioning units, dividing walls, patio and bi-Fold Doors to create the garden space of your dreams. Here at Park Lane Garden Rooms, we can create bespoke designs to suit almost any requirements.

Strong & Secure Design

When constructing your garden room, we completely understand that the design needs to be robust and able to withstand the elements. You can rest assured that with each project we work on, we ensure that the structure is reinforced with strong corners and wall panels. This provides the entire building with exceptional performance and stability, which ensures your garden room can be used all year round in complete comfort. Any doors and windows are also equipped with high security locking as standard.

Insulated & Waterproof Design

As well as the strong and sturdy design, your garden room will be installed with a highly insulated roof, with a BBA certification, insulated walls, in addition to ‘A’ Energy Rated anthracite grey PVCu double glazed doors and side screens as standard. This will ensure your garden room is not only protected from the elements but also kept warm throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings.

Low Maintenance

One of the great benefits of owning your very own garden room is how little maintenance the structure needs. The wood polymer material we use cannot rot or corrode, resists mould and algae, so you never have to worry about refurbishment costs in the future. You will never have to paint, stain or seal them. In addition to this, the walls inside the structure are already finished inside, so no plastering or finishing work is necessary, so you can start enjoying your new living space from the moment it's completed.

Quick installation

When working with our team for your garden room installation, you can rest assured that there is no need for excavation work and turning your whole garden upside down, as the process can be completed in a matter of days. We utilise a base system using ground screws, which can be installed anywhere and are pre-drilled to ensure safe and accurate placement. The entire process is completed promptly and professionally, minimising the amount of time we have to spend in your garden.

Composite Garden Buildings For Any Home

How do we know our composite garden buildings are a worthwhile investment? Well, our composited wood material has the aesthetics of timber but without need for painting, staining or sealing. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and our garden buildings are not only beautiful but they are built to last and stand the test of time.

With an average build time of 3-4 days, a composite garden building is quicker, cleaner and more affordable than a traditional extension, whilst offering the same benefits. So, if you’re looking for your perfect extra space, which could be an office, a hobby room, a quiet retreat, a gymnasium or a games room – we can deliver.

But, if you’re unsure if our sized room will fit your space, Park Lane proudly offers bespoke garden rooms in various sizes and designs. So, contact us to find out how you can have your garden room, your way.

Why Choose a Concrete Base?

By using a concrete base, you get the full benefits of:

• Insulation within the slab, giving you a level access if required.

• Peace of mind maintenance free

• A concrete slab my benefit the contours of your garden than a raised timber.

• If you are going to us your Garden room for heavy machinery it will cut down vibration.

• Should a Gym be your choice of use, a concrete base would support the equipment used and would be ideal.

Highly Insulated Walls

Our low maintenance, authentic timber grain effect walls are available in a range of single and dual colour options

• Light Grey

• Dark Grey

• Dark Grey on White

• Walnut on White

• Enquire about more colours

Low Maintenance

Grained effect wood composite encapsulated in a co-extruded high polymer skin providing an impermeable layer of protection from staining, scratching, mildew and fading.

• 55% recycled timber 35% recycled PVC polymer

• Skinned / co-extruded system

• 3x times more thermally efficient than traditional timber garden building

• Embossed woodgrain effect

• Rich authentic wood tones with dual finish options

• Low maintenance

• Thermally efficient to use your Garden Building all year round

• No plastering or decorating as the walls are self-finished

Corner Post and Connectors

Available in the same colour to match the walls or use a different colour to create a contrasting design

• Light Grey

• Dark Grey

• Black

• Walnut

• Enquire about more colours

Energy Efficient, High Security Windows and Doors

Our composite garden rooms are fitted with anthracite grey PVCu double glazed doors and side screens as standard, keeping you secure and warm in your garden room:

• ‘A’ Energy Rated double glazed windows

• High security multi-point locking french doors

• Woodgrain finish PVCU frames for low maintenance

• Upgrade to Aluminium Multifolding doors and slimline windows to truly customise your Garden Building

Fully Insulated Roof

Engineered timber roof featuring 100mm insulation panels and proven high performance EPDM BBA certified rubber membrane

• Engineered lightweight timber roof trusses

• EPDM Coating with a life expectancy of at least 50 years

• One piece roofing sheet – no joints – no leaks

• Maintenance free

• 100mm cellular insulation

Park Lane Garden Rooms


A garden room is more than just extra space, it’s a luxurious structure which is designed to be an outdoor living area. This space is placed in the gorgeous surroundings of your garden, but still embodies the comfort and convenience of your home.